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BTS Butter MV First 24 Hour Records on YouTube


The latest single from BTS has created history on the internet. The BTS Army has once again proved that they are unstoppable in every sense. In the early morning of May 22, Butter MV has crossed the huge milestone of 100 million views on YouTube in just 20 hours 55 minutes making it the fastest video to do so. We kept our eyes on all the figures the entire day and after summarising them, we are presenting you BTS Butter MV first 24 hour records on YouTube.

Butter was scheduled to release at 9:30 AM in India. Surprisingly 39 minutes before the music video going live, it already managed to surpass 1 Million likes, which is the fastest time taken by any video on YouTube. After that, there’s just formality left for them to complete. In the first day, Butter MV has become the fastest video to reach 10 Million views, 20 Million views, 30 Million views, 40 Million views, 50 Million views, 60 Million views, 70 Million views, 80 Million views, 90 Million views, 100 Million views and 110 Million views on YouTube.

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They broke all the first 24 hour records of Dynamite with ease and set new heights for future videos to come. After the completion of day 1, Butter MV stands at 112.855 Million views with 8.69 Million likes and just 16K dislikes. Also it sees a record breaking 5 Million plus comments in the first 24 hours which is way more than other video’s lifetime count. These figures can be incorrect as YouTube takes time to refresh the numbers.



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