NewsInternationalBrazil, the new global hotspot of Coronavirus

Brazil, the new global hotspot of Coronavirus

Brazil has become a new global hotspot of Coronavirus, as it records more than 881 deaths on Tuesday.


The countries are facing tough times due to Coronavirus pandemic. There is still no clue when a proper vaccine will be developed, which would save the world from this deadly virus. While in some countries the curve has flattened, while in others there is steep rise in number of cases. In developing countries, although the number cases is not that much, but the developing countries are going through financial crisis.

Till now Coronavirus has infected more than 4.2 million people and killed over 2,91,000 people worldwide. More than 1.4 million people have recovered. The US is the worst hit area followed by Russia, Spain, UK, Italy and France.

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But the concern is, new Coronavirus hotspots are being formed. On Tuesday 881 people surrendered their lives infront of novel Coronavirus in Brazil, making Brazil the sixth worst hit country for Covid-19 deaths. The total number of Coronavirus cases in Brazil is 177,589 surpassing Germany’s 170,508 cases. Brazil till now has done 3,38,000 Coronavirus Tests.

Another big debate has arised in the country, regarding Brazilian President Bolsonaro’s decision to reopen Gyms and hair salon as he believes economic damage because of closing the business is worse than the virus. “Governors who do not agree with the decree can file lawsuits in court,” Bolsonaro wrote on social media. He later threatened to take his own legal actions against them if they do not comply.

The research shows virus was being spread from person to person in Brazil in early February, weeks before country’s popular carnival street parties kicked off.

“Around the world we have seen that the warnings we put out right from the start, very, very early on, were not seen as warnings about a very serious, lethal disease,” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said about the high number of cases in Brazil and the US.

When Brazil started the Carnival Street Parties, Coronavirus had already spread in more than 20 countries, but Brazil did not take the warnings seriously. The mere thought of “How Brazil will get affected from Covid-19” resulted to this situation. The Street Parties carried regardless of seeing the effect the novel virus had caused in so many countries.

Many Scientists in Brazil believes the true numbers of confirmed cases are many times higher than the number officially revealed, according to BBC.

The countries are in the middle of the ocean with no clues, whether to restart the economy or save it’s people from the novel Coronavirus. European countries like Spain and France have eased the lockdown seeing the number of positive cases going down. Countries like Australia and New Zealand came up with a set plan to ease the lockdown in proper phases.

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On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced $300 Billion package for Coronavirus which is equal to 10% of India’s GDP. The government of the respective countries are doing their bit to save the country from this novel Coronavirus.

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