NewsNational#BoysLockerRoomTruth, girl fakes her identity

#BoysLockerRoomTruth, girl fakes her identity

#BoysLockerRoomTruth has been trending on twitter.  Boys Locker Room case took a turnaround when it was found, the mastermind behind all the rape threats is a girl with a fake id named as “Sidharth”


The Boys Locker Room, has been in news for quite a time. The youth of this country are walking on a wrong path. Boys Locker Room was an Instagram group where minor boys and girls used to share nude pictures of girls and body shame them. It didn’t stop there, in the group a boy used to give rape threats and suggest plan for sexual assaults.

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Now after further investigation, there has been a big turnaround in the case. It has been found that, it was a girl who had created fake id as “Sidharth” and messaged a school mate and discussed about her own sexual assault to know the intention of the boy.

The boy in the other side refused to participate and stopped replying to him. DCP Cyber Cell Anyesh Roy said, “There were many screenshots which went viral and among them was a screenshot of a one-to-one snapchat conversation, where a person identified as ‘Sidharth’ is suggesting a plan of aggravated sexual assault of a girl to the other boy. The alleged conversation was actually between a girl who had created a fake account in the name of ‘Sidharth’ and sent the messages to the boy, she suggested a plan to sexually assault herself.”

The girl did this heinous act, to check the strength of the boy’s character and his intentions. The boy shared the screenshot of the chat along with his friends and it went viral, along with chats from locker room, but it turns out they were not related.

Now the debate has arised why boys are always proven guilty without any evidence. Why feminism is being taken in a wrong way. Few days before a boy named Manav, commited suicide when he was alleged of raping a girl without any evidence.

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