News#boyslockerroom Trending in Twitter | Netizens in Rage

#boyslockerroom Trending in Twitter | Netizens in Rage

#boyslockerroom Scandal Brought Forward by Social Media

When India is under lock-down, Corona Warriors are giving their best and at the same time some sort of people are involved in wrong deeds. Today, sun rises with the #boyslockerroom trend in Twitter. This hash tag might look cooler from outside unless people know why it’s trending.

#boyslockerroom by the name looks like the name of music band but it’s not like that. Boys Locker Room is/was Instagram group with minor group students (boys and girls) as members. They used to share the nudes of girls, some girls where under 18 and some were 18+.

Story of #boyslockerroom Scandal from Beginning (Source : Social Media)

We haven’t talked to any culprits or victims, scandal is brought forward by different social media handles. Now, starting with the beginning of Boys Locker Room scandal. According to users, Boys Locker Room is a instagram group, having school students as member. These students are from South Delhi and most of them are under 18. These students include boys as well as girls.

Admins of the group used to share the nudes of girls and these girls were mostly under 18 (teenagers). Some nudes were the result of morphing. It clearly means that some of the victims were not involved in any kind of nudity but became the victim of photo editing.

BoyLockerRoom was not limited to sharing of nudes, group members used to criticize the girls on basis of physical appearance after viewing the nudes. Some group members are more of monster who used to give the rape threats to the minor aged girls.

News channels haven’t took this issue on televisions till now and this is the reason for which netizens are getting more angry.

We haven’t attached any screenshots in this post because our team doesn’t want to bring the identity forward, it may harm them in present as well as future. Bundles of screenshots are available in social media with #boyslockerroom but these screenshots may contain the name of some innocents. And this is one of the reason for not attaching the shots.
According to law, people are innocent until proved guilty. Till that, we should wait for the further update by official body.

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  1. Yes the Boys should be punished for this – No MERCY on them – but if the Boys have some Nude Pictures of GIRLS those Girls should also be Punished – No Mercy on those GIRLS too – because – Some GIRLS who look so innocent but infact these GIRLS are worst than BOYS – These Types of GIRLS need Boy Friends – they are ready to LEAVE their House Parents Teachers everyone for the SAKE of Boys – these type of Girls have list of Boys in their WHATSAPP and FACEBOOK they Crack Double meaning JOKES – meet at any given time – with the Rich Boys ANYTIME ANYWHERE by Bunking their COLLEGE and Tution CLasses – what will you so called Learned MAN and WOMEN – COMMENT on this – I say NO MERCY on these #boyslockerroom GROUP but No Mercy on Girls who have LIST of Boyfriends ( in their WHATSAPP and FACEBOOK Group ) – if people who are going to call me NAMES – I will say BETTER Shut up – CRIME is CRIME – all the Guilty should be Punished – No Doubt #boyslockerroom was Too Loud – PUNISH them – but what if catch a GIRLS who is having the Traits I discussed


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