NewsNational#BoycottNetflix trends on twitter after the release of "Krishna and his Leela"

#BoycottNetflix trends on twitter after the release of “Krishna and his Leela”


#BoycottNetflix has been trending on twitter after people alleged that Netflix hurted Hindu sentiments and insulted the religion in their new film “Krishna and His Leela”.

The controversy started when Netflix released their new film”Krishna and His Leela” depicting a male character in the name of God “Krishna” and his sexual encounter with “Radha”. The name of characters hurted many people’s sentiments. According to netizens the erotic scenes and the content is targeted to a particular religion.

Krishna and his Leela‘ is an Indian Telgu Romantic film directed by Ravikanth Prepu and produced by Suresh Production. The film features Siddu Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor and Shalini Vadnikatti in the lead roles.

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There is an anger and outrage among netizens and people are demanding to Boycott the digital giant. India is a big market for the online streaming giant. During the lockdown period Netflix saw a huge surge in Indian subscribers. Indians have started consuming International show, while Netflix is leaving no stone unturned to provide local content to its viewers. Netflix said in India the revenue increased to $5.76 Billion in Q12020 as compared to $4.52 Billion in Q1 of 2019.

However there is a certain group of people who are using this opportunity to show their creative skills and create funny memes.

Here are some funny memes shared:


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  1. All media reports related to this matter end up reporting only the facts of the matter namely the filing of the case and the location where it has been filed that’s all. The media can also go ahead and inform the general public about the correct information in the matter.

    Namely the misinformation that is being spread so widely about Lord Krishna in this movie can be countered by informing the public about correct facts about Lord Krishna’s Raas Leela.


    * Raas Leela is not the only Leela performed by Lord Krishna in His Krishna avtaar, He also performed the Leela of lifting the Govardhan mountain, the Leela of consuming fire to save His friends from forest fire, the Leela of showing His viraat Avatar to Arjuna but your perverted mind seems to be stuck on that Leela only.

    * One roop of Lord Krishna danced with each of the 10000 crore Gopis in the Raas Leela not that a single Lord Krishna was dancing with all the Gopis.

    *Brahma Sanhita Chapter 5 Verse 37 says that all the Gopis were an extention of the body of Lord Krishna Himself.

    * The Raas Leela danced was performed by the Lord for a period of One day of Lord Brahma or 429 Million years it was not a human one night stand as depicted by perverted minds in your serials.

    * Lord Krishna rescued 16000 women abducted by Rakshas Narkasur and when after being rescued the women said that they could no longer go back home after living with the rakshasa, Lord Krishna married them all and one roop of Lord Krishna lived with each of them.

    * When His sister and Arjuna fell in love Lord Krishna Himself helped them get married thus acknowledging a woman’s the right to choose her husband 5000 years back which was otherwise prevalant in the form of swayamvar.

    *When His grandson Aniruddh was arrested for loving Banasur Raksha’s daughter He faught Banasur probably the Only time Lord Krishna aggressively leads an army in His entire Leela to save the lovers and secure their right to get married.

    *.When draupdi was being disrobed He saved her.

    *. Vastrharan Leela- Please note that at the time of the vastr haran Leela Lord Krishna was eleven years or less of age since He left Vrindavan at the age of eleven and the caste haran Leela was performed before that. So these are games being played by a little boy.

    Thus if you look closely the nuances of His Leela, Lord Krishna is setting an example 5000 years back wherein those women who wanted Him, to them He gave one roop of His to live with them, anything being done against the woman’s will was stopped by Him and further He supported a woman’s right or lovers right to get married.

    If anyone misrepresents such a loving God who gave women so much respect all through His Leela, Hindus are absolutely right in buoycotting such non sense.

    Please note Hindu shastras are the information database of entire humanity.
    Any conspiracy against Sanatan Dharma is a conspiracy against entire Humanity. The word “Loka” in Hinduism means “planets” and the Hindu shastras essentially give us the basic structure of of the entire Universe,
    How, where and what position the humans have vis a vis the structure of the Universe and how thus we are supposed to lead our lives in accordance with Vedic principles.

    Had we been following these principles and understood our position as dependants on Mother Nature rather than trying to rule over her, the world would not have been in this lockdown situation today.

    Will leave you with this quote :-

    A dialogue between ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada and his disciple

    Pusaṣṭa Kṛṣṇa: Is this Vedic religion, this sanātana-dharma, so broad that everyone is included?

    Śrīla Prabhupāda: Yes. Sanātana means “eternal.” As Kṛṣṇa says in the Bhagavad-gītā, na hanyate hanyamāne śarīre: “The living entity within the body is not destroyed when the body is destroyed, because he is eternal.” So that eternality belongs to everyone. Not that the Hindus, after giving up this body, exist, and the Muslims or Christians do not exist. Everyone exists eternally. So sanātana-dharma is meant for everyone.



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