News#BoycottAirAsiaIndia Trending on Twitter after Flying Beast's New Video

#BoycottAirAsiaIndia Trending on Twitter after Flying Beast’s New Video

#BoycottAirAsiaIndia trend on twitter after Flying Beast's New video

Flying Beast is a YouTube channel, managed and owner by Gaurav Taneja. He is too popular among viewers for his vlogs. People love him not only as an YouTuber but as a humble and respectful person. He keeps entertaining his viewers with his daily vlogs and people keep waiting for his latest video from evening to late night. Yesterday, he was unable to upload his vlogs and for that he made a tweet. But today, in the morning he has uploaded the video and afterwards people started trending #BoycottAirAsiaIndia on Twitter.

Why does #BoycottAirAsiaIndia trend on Twitter ?

Gaurav Taneja is not a full time YouTuber. He keeps uploading the videos to entertain people but in actual he is a pilot. It’s not just his profession rather it’s passion for Gaurav Taneja. After completing his graduation in Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, he left for the aviation field.

Everything was going fine but last year, on April he joined AirAsia. He found out many safety issues that company was not following. He talked about the safety issues to higher authority but authority kept holding it as they didn’t want to lose fraction of profits.

We all know that safety of passengers is responsibility of pilot. And as a pilot Gaurav Taneja tried to fix those safety issues to prevent any kind of mishaps. When higher authority didn’t fix those issue, he decided not to fly aeroplane until issues get sort out.

It was going beyond the limit so he had to upload the video on these issues. As he is a responsible person, he hasn’t take the name of AirAsia in his new video. Then comes the question, how does people know issues were with AirAsia ? Answer is quite simple, viewers are following him from a longer time and he had uploaded a video, last year on YouTube when he had left other company to join AirAsia

His viewers are connected strongly with him and his whole family. That’s why people failed to control their emotion and taken it to Twitter trend with hash tag BoycottAirAsiaIndia. Now people are bashing Air Asia India for their safety issues and whatever they did to Mr. Gaurav Taneja.

Gaurav Taneja has uploaded a video on YouTube where he talked about the issues in detail.

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