NewsNationalA mysterious booming sound was heard in Bengaluru, netizens share hilarious memes

A mysterious booming sound was heard in Bengaluru, netizens share hilarious memes

Bengaluru: A view of the Outer Ring Road wearing deserted look, as shot with a drone camera, in Bengaluru, Saturday, April 18, 2020. Some of the busiest places of our cities now look deserted and lifeless as a once in a lifetime lockdown, imposed almost worldwide due the spread of COVID-19, has forced all indoors and restricted public movement. (PTI Photo)(PTI19-04-2020_000125B)

Locals in Eastern Bengaluru heard a loud mysterious sound on Wednesday. According to the details, the loud sound was heard in the city’s Whitefield area at nearly 1:45 PM.

Bengaluru DCP, Whitefield Division, M N Anucheth said, “A booming sound was heard across Eastern Bengaluru. We are trying to ascertain the source of the sound. We have conducted searches on the ground in the Whitefield area but so far there is no damage to anything”.

As of now there is no confirmation of source of the booming sounds, but there are some speculation roaming on the social media.

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Many believe that a quick Earthquake maybe the reason of the sound, while there is no fluctuations noticed in the Richter scale.

However, Srinivas Reddy, director, Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC), meanwhile, confirmed that no earthquake hit the city today.

While many believes that it was just a sonic boom caused by some fighter jets flying at low altitude with super sonic speed. Yelahanka Air Force Station is also situated in Bengaluru which further strengthen the speculation but there’s no confirmation that whether any Fighter Jets positioned at the Airforce Base.

The main role of the Yelahanka Air Force Station is to train pilots to fly transport planes.

#Aliens also trending on Twitter after the mysterious boom sounds. People sharing hilarious memes in twitter.


Anither user Sunil Gurjar wrote, “After Hearing loud Boom sound

Aliens to #Bangalore ppls so far.
Bengaluru please confirm, can we tick #Aliens ????????”

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