News Entertainment 'Blackpink' surpasses Eminem to become the 4th most subscribed artist channel on...

‘Blackpink’ surpasses Eminem to become the 4th most subscribed artist channel on YouTube

File photo of Blackpink

South Korean girls band, Blackpink today surpassed American rapper Eminem in subscribers count on YouTube. Currently both the channels are showing 43.8M subscribers because the difference between them is very less. Fun fact, “Blackpink is the most subscribed Korean Youtube channel in the world”.

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Blackpink is now the 4th most subscribed artist channel on YouTube, while Justin Bieber holds the first spot on this list with over 55.9M subscribers. The second place is secured by American DJ Marshmello, who has over 47.6M subscribers currently.

English singer Ed Sheeran, who is very popular for his songs like Shape of You, Photograph, Perfect and more stands on the third place with over 45.2M subscribers. This is the list of artists(individual music creators) who have the most number of subscribers on YouTube.

The most subscribed YouTube channel in the world is still T-series, an Indian music company who has over 149M subscribers. Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie is the most subscribed individual creator on YouTube and he has over 106M subscribers.

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