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Billboard Music Awards 2020: BTS wins Top Social Artist for the 4th year in a row

Billboard Music Awards 2020
Image credit: Billboard

The Korean boy band BTS has again put their name on the top. In the Billboard Music Awards 2020, they won the Top Social Artist award. Their social engagement is quite unmatchable right now to be honest and they truly deserves this win.

The popular Tiktok star and Beatboxer, Spencer X presented the award of Top Social Artist to BTS at BBM Awards. BTS has now won this award for the 4th time in a row, which is incredible. No other artist or band has ever achieved this feat.

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All the BTS members thanked the fans for continuosly showing their support over the years. RM said “this award is a living proof that no matter where we are, Army & BTS stays so close to each other.” Moments later after receiving the award, they also performed at the BBM Awards.

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