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Bhuvan Bam releases new song ‘Heer Ranjha’ today instead of July 13

The brand new song of Bhuvan Bam is streaming now on YouTube. Heer Ranjha which was scheduled to release on July 13, that means tomorrow is released earlier today at 12PM. Watch the video here.


Bhuvan Bam is an Indian YouTuber, comedian and singer. He has a subscriber base of 18.3 Million people on YouTube. Bhuvan is considered as one of the most influential social media star of this generation. He make handheld comedy sketches, songs and vines on the internet.

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His 7th original song titled Heer Ranjha was scheduled to release on July 13. But couple hours he posted a video on Instagram where he said, if he gets 25,000 comments in that video in 3 hours, he will release the song today exclusively. The sudden decision of the release surprised everyone and in just 7 minutes, that video got 30K comments.

At exactly 12PM in the noon, he released the song on YouTube. Heer Ranjha is sung by Bhuvan Bam himself and the music is given by Omkar Tamhan & Shantam Goel. The song is visually stunning. All the people involved in making that video, deserves appreciation for their hardwork. Go and give it a try.

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