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Betaal, new offering from Netflix is a true Horror series

Zombies of Betaal Mountain

The makers of Netflix’s original series such as Ghoul and Bard of Blood comes together once again, this time to explore something beyond imagination.Betaal web series poster

Betaal is a new horror series which will tell the story of Sirohi and his squad who were given a task to displace the people of Campa forest in order to build a highway. But in the process they unintentionally freed the curse of Betaal mountain that wreaks havoc on the people and threatens to end the civilization.

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It was directed by Patrick Graham (Ghoul) and Nikhil Mahajan (Pune 52 & Baji). The show stars Mukkabaaz movie actor Vineet Kumar Singh in lead role. This is his second project with Netflix after Bard of Blood. With him we will also get to see other familiar faces like Jitendra Joshi (Katekar from Sacred Games), Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai and more.Zombies of Betaal Mountain

The trailer gives us mix vibes from Tumbbad and Ghoul in a good way. After a long time, someone has tried to bring out hidden treasures from Indian history in a fictional way and from the look I am supposing that we can get a good thrilling series to enjoy this Quarantine. But there are few flaws and confusions to address here so let’s leave it for the series review.

People in the comment section of the trailer and on the internet are happy that Netflix India is finally bringing some good content for them. The last few movies and series coming out of Netflix India were not that great so this series will be a good compensation for all of them. Betaal is releasing worldwide on May 24. You can watch the trailer here



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