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Best memes of 2020 that made us laugh hard


Best memes of 2020

As the year 2020 is coming to an end, so is the sadness, grief, anxiety and hopelessness among the people. This year caused a lot of pain in many ways and people are hoping that the next year  turns out to be a completely thrilling ride for everyone with lots of highs.

However one should thank the memers for bringing smile to our faces during these unprecedented times. When the world turned dark, they unleashed their creativity and produced something that forced many people forget about their sorrow atleast for few moments. So here’s the list of Best memes of 2020:

Rasode Me Kon Tha:

Yashraj Mukhate released a video on YouTube showcasing his rap skills by the mixing it with the dialogue of a famous character from dialy soap ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’. As soon as the video was released it became viral. Neither the number Covid cases nor the biggest issue in the country worried the millennials. The only answer they wanted to know was ‘Rasode Me Kon Tha’. Was it Rashi or anyone else ?

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Netizens started sharing funny memes across all social media platforms. Even celebrities like Disha Patani was part of ‘Finding Rasode Me Kon Tha’ campaign. Here’s the link of the official video.

Rasode Me Kon Tha Rasode Me Kon Tha

Rasode Me Kon Tha


The BINOD meme was all over internet in 2020. If you are a social media user, u can love BINOD, hate BINOD but can’t ignore BINOD. But where did it originate from. Slay Point a famous YouTube channel of India uploaded a video ‘Why Indian Comment section is Garbage’. One of the comments was by a YouTube user called Binod Tharu who mentioned his name “BINOD”. Soon BINOD became the most famous man in India. From Mumbai Police to Netflix, From PayTm to Swiggy everyone turned a ‘BINOD’ fan. Here are few of the best memes on ‘BINOD’.

Funeral Coffin Dance:

Funeral Coffin Dance was another an awareness meme that was completely hilarious. The meme depicted the current reality but also provided thorough entertainment. Let’s dive deep, Pallbearers a group of 4-5 people who are hired by the family members of a deceased person to help the coffin reach to the funeral. The Pallbearers enjoy the moment and entertain the crowd.

The memers used this popular meme to create awareness among people. Stay home and stay safe or get ready to dance with us ! Here’s the official video

Neha Dhupia (it’s her choice)

Neha Dhupia’s comment ‘its her choice’ in Rodies went extremely wrong. When a boy said, he slapped her girlfriend after finding out she was cheating, Dhupia went furious and said it’s her choice. Though violence is never justified, Neha Dhupia was trolled on twitter for misunderstanding feminism with fake feminism.

However this serious incident was turned into a laughing riote by memers. Everyone started sharing memes on Neha Dhupia and it’s her choice comment. Here are few of them:

Oo Ma Go Turu Love

A young Bengali kid’s jibe on a couple was viral across all social media platforms within few days. The kid’s tone of saying the words ‘Oo Ma Go Turu Love’ was loved by the audience. Since then the memers have done their job. After ‘Nation Wants To Know’, “Oo Ma Go Turu Love” was on everyone’s tongue.
People started sharing their version of Turu Love.

Main Gareeb Hun:

Sawan a young boy from Jamshedpur turned out to be the national Garib Boy. His words, “Main Gareeb Hun (I’m poor, mere) mummy papa mujhe gareeb janam diye (I was born poor), mujhe mummy papa ke barkar koi cheez nhi hai (For me no one is bigger than parents), Main Gareeb hi thik hu (I’m ok in living a poor life)” became so famous that YouTubers like Ashish Chanchlani also shared the meme video.


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