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Ben 10 Vs Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, Who will win ?

Marvel Vs Ben 10

Marvel Vs Ben 10Ben 10 was mine one of the most favourite childhood cartoon show. Marvel on the other hand holds a very special space in fans heart and they eagerly wait to watch latest movies. Marvel in recent time has gained a massive audience in India and became favourite universe for watching actions.

At the age of 10, Ben Tennyson discovers a magical device ‘Omnitrix’ that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes. In Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, with ‘Ultimatrix’ Ben gained a master control by which he can turn into 10,000 different aliens.

Let’s check, What will happen, if Ben 10 characters will fight with Marvel Cinematic Universe character.

Level 1

Includes, special human characters like Black Widow, Hawk Eye and Falcon. To defeat these characters Ben can use Jetray, Four Arms. Jetray is a Aerophibian and has a capability to fly at very high speed and can attack through Neuroshock Blasts whereas Four Arms has super strength.

With the use of this two Aliens Ben can easily take on Black Widow, Hawk Eye and Falcon. Ben may also use Hit Blast and Spider Monkey to fight against these Marvel characters.

Level 2

This level includes super human characters like Captain America, Black Panther, Ant Man, Spider Man and War Machine. This time Ben can use Diamond Head, Swampfire, Spider Monkey, Echo Echo and Rath.

Ben can easily take on Black Panther and Captain America with Diamond Head, Swampfire and Rath. Regenerative power and Fireball Generation of Swampfire will help Ben to beat Black Panther. Against Spider Man and War Machine Ben can use Ultimate Spider Monkey and Diamond Head. Ben also can use Echo Echo to beat the both. Ben also can take on Ant Man with Waybig if Ant Man become big and can use Sting Ray if Ant Man become too small, he also can use Echo Echo to beat Ant Man.

Level 3

Includes character like Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Hulk. Three characters are capable of destroying a entire city. Ben can use Aliens like Upgrade, GraviTec, Echo Echo, Humungousaur to control these characters.

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With the use of Upgrade Ben can easily take on Iron Man. He can use GraviTec and Echo Echo against Scarlet Witch, GraviTec can create its gravity which can control Wanda and Echo Echo can create a sonic wave which can beat Wanda easily. To beat Hulk, he will need ultimate Humungousaur and Echo Echo although Hulk can even dominant at these aliens but with the help of master control Ben can beat Hulk.

Level 4

Level 4 includes character like Dormammu and Shutter. These characters are even called as planet buster.

Professor Paradox can help Ben in this fight as he can travel in time. He also can use Waybig and to control energy projection he can use Ultimate Chromastone and Diamond Head.

Level 5

Includes Thor with Stormbreaker and Captain Marvel who has a cosmic ability and can shoot Photon blast. These are the mkst powerful superhero of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ben can use Ultimate Big Chill and Atomic X to control these characters.

Atomic X is a omnipotent being. has an extremely high level of enhanced strength, capable of knocking Vilgax into the air with a mere flick of a finger. He can also teleport anywhere he wishes and create multiple light fusions and black holes without physically doing anything.

Atomic X can easily beat Thor and Captain Marvel without any issue.

Level 5

Include Thanos with Infinity gauntlet and all infinity stone. Thanos can destroy entire solar system single handedly. Again Ben can Atomic X to defeat Thanos. In the worst case scenario he can require Alien X to tackle Thanos. Alien X can easily beat Thanos but he first need to convince  Serena, the “voice of love and compassion”, Bellicus, the “voice of rage and aggression” to defeat Thanos.


  1. Atomic X is not omnipotent though. He was erased by the chronosapien time bomb. You have to be 100% of a species to inherit the omnipotence. Alien X is omnipotent and can alter anything as he pleases. Atomic x has a small degree of reality warping.


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