NewsInternationalAustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces 3 step plan to ease restrictions

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces 3 step plan to ease restrictions

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced 3 step plan to ease Coronavirus lockdown restrictions

Australia Prime Minister

The total number of global Coronavirus cases has surpassed 3.8 million with more than 1.2 million recovered and over 2,69,000 fatalities. The countries are facing hard times. The lockdown has a great impact on the global economy. Amidst all this, Australia’s Prime Minister has revealed the countries 3 step plan to ease the lockdown restrictions.

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Till now the country has recorded 6,913 Coronavirus positive cases with 97 deaths and 6,074 record. The country’s Prime Minister said the plan will begin with reopening of cafes and restaurants and the restrictions would be assessed every 3 weeks.

Step 1

The conditions are 5 visitors at home, 10 in business and public places. Work from home if the employer and employee is on the same table. Restaurants, cafes and shoppings to be open. Local and regional travel is allowed, libraries and community centers to be open.

Step 2

Gathering of 20 in your home and business places. Work from home if the employer as well as the employee agress. Gyms, beauty Spa, Cinemas and amusement parks to be open. Few Interstate travel is allowed.

Step 3

Gathering size will be increased to 100. People can return to their work place. All interstate travel will be allowed. Traveling for international students will be allowed.

Australia is not among those countries which is hardly hit by this pandemic, but the government ensured all the safety measures and precautions are being followed by the citizens. Now the government will keep a close eye on the upcoming trend. Australia imposed strict restrictions, which subsequently reduced the number of cases.

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