NewsNationalAurangabad kid designs a robot for contactless delivery of medicines to patients

Aurangabad kid designs a robot for contactless delivery of medicines to patients

Aurangabad. A 7th standard student of Aurangabad designed a robot that can deliver food and medicines to patients contactlessly.Aurangabad

Sai Suresh Rangdal lives in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He is a seventh standard student and a robot enthusiast. He has recently designed a robot that can be helpful in delivering food and medicines to the patients.

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In his conversation with an ANI journalist, he said ” The aim behind designing this robot is to reduce physical contact of medical staff with coronavirus patients and hence reducing their change of contracting COVID-19“. He further explained how the robot works and what can it do.

Sai said “the robot is operated by battery and can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet”. He also demonstrated the functionality of the robot. He tells that, it can carry items weighing up to 1 kg.

The internet is seeing so much of these experiments and inventions from our younger generation nowadays. Everyone is trying to play some part in helping the world in heeling with this virus.

Kumar Ujjal
Kumar Ujjal
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