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Asim Riaz was attacked last night by some goons, fans wish him speedy recovery

Asim RiazBig Boss 13 runner-up Asim Riaz was attacked by some goons last night when we was gone out for cycling. He got some visible injuries on both legs and on the back of his shoulder. He posted about this on his Instagram stories between 11PM to 12PM last night.

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Asim Riaz is a well known personality of India and has a huge following among the youth. Last night, when he was gone for cycling some individuals came by bike and attacked him from behind, “not from the front” as quoted by the 27 years model. He got some injuries after this cowardly attack.

He got some bad scratches on his left knee and right thigh. His left shoulder was swollen and has turned a little black, looks like that’s where they hit him first. Even after all of this uncertain events, Asim was seen smiling in the video. Fans are very concerned about his health right now. They are wishing and praying for his speedy recovery.

Lots of fans are asking about whether he lodged a FIR or not. Till now there’s no official confirmation regarding this but in one of his story, a police signboard was visible in the back. Maybe he recorded all the story outside the police station and maybe he has already filed a FIR against those goons.

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