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#AshishChanchlaniPaidViews trends on Twitter as the YouTuber’s latest video hits 26M views in 5 days


Indian Youtuber Ashish Chanchlani is facing a lot of fake hatred on Twitter recently. Some netizens are claiming that Ashish has gained the views on his latest video through YouTube advertisement and paid services. To spread their hatred further, they made up a hashtag (#AshishChanchlaniPaidViews) to do it.

On December 16th, Ashish Chanchlani has uploaded a new video titled Sasta Biig Bosss, which was a parody of the tv reality show Bigg Boss. That video has currently over 26.01 million views and over 2.8 million likes on YouTube in just 5 days of release. It has broken all the previous records on ACV’s channel.

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To prove that the views on the video are real and organic, Ashish has shared a video clip on his social media of his YouTube analytics page which is clearly showing that there’s no views from advertising. To troll the haters, fans of Ashish Chanchlani came together to make Memes on them. Internet can be a weird place sometime.


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