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YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani’s biggest scam, releases Sasta Biig Bosss


After Scam 1992, now famous Indian YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani has scammed his audience by releasing his new video Sasta Biig Bosss. Ashish announced tomorrow that he will be coming on Bigg Boss this January and since then there were speculations that will the YouTuber really enter the Bigg Boss house ?

However all the hopes and dreams of fans to see Ashish in the Bigg Boss house were crushed when the YouTuber released his version of Bigg Boss that’s, “Sasta Biig Bosss”. Here’s the link of the official video

In the video you can see the YouTuber imitating the TV reality show contestants and indulging in unnecessary fights. Whether it’s getting the camera attention or dancing on the morning song, Ashish Chanchlani is spot on with his observations. The famous quote of Dolly Bindra, “Baap Pe Mat Jana” has been used in the video in a very humourous manner. The parody is being loved by the fans.

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Ashish Chanchlani took to his Twitter to share this news with his fans. He tweeted, “Just one thing to say when i saw all your reactions yesterday after i tweeted that
I cant even tell you how proud i felt when you all told me not to go😂😂😂
#Acvians #SastaBiigBosss”


Ashish Chanchlani fans have made this news go extremely viral as #SastaBiigBoss has started to trend on twitter. Here are few of the tweets:

The video has gained more than 500K views within an hour. While many of his fans have found the “Sasta Biig Bosss more interesting than the real “Bigg Boss”. There has always been rumours about big YouTubers entering the Salman khan’s house, but it never happened.

This was the first time that a YouTuber was so close to entering the house, but sadly it’s the ‘Sasta Biig Bosss’ house.



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