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Army trends ‘BTS is BTS’ after comparisons with The Beatles


BTS is truly a worldwide phenomenon. The K-Pop boy band group have achieved all those feat that one could ever dream of. Breaking the barriers of race, colour, region, religion, BTS songs have touched the lives of Billions of people across the Globe. They have spread the message of love and compassion, which the world needs currently.

But BTS’ comparisons with The Beatles didn’t go too well with the BTS Army. Army started trending ‘BTS is BTS’ on twitter, to give answer to this baseless comparisons. BTS boys are working towards their goal, sacrificing a lot of things and are putting a lot hard work just to live up to the expectations of all their fans. They have come here to become ‘The BTS’ rather than being ‘The next Beatles’.

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They have their own journey and want to create their own story. The comparisons with ‘Beatles’ is disrespectful for both the groups.
In a recent interview, BTS’ member Jungkook spoke about the comparisons. He said, “People call us the Beatles of 21st century, It’s an incredible honour and I’m grateful to hear that. But I want to be just BTS instead of the Beatles of 21st Century, BTS like no other !

Inspite of not being from the Western Industry their contribution towards global music in undeniable. They are here because of their sheer talent, hard work and love from all the army across the world, their biggest support system in all these years. The comparisons have left BTS Army furious and somewhat saddening.

BTS Army is appealing to people across all social media platforms to stop this baseless comparisons. According to Army, “They are unique, they have their own charm, they are one and only BTS”. BTS had their own struggle, they have their own strength, they have their own weaknesses, to label them as next Beatles of 21st Century is an understatement.

Everyone started to draw comparisons when BTS topped the Billboard 200 at the release of Map of the Soul: Persona. BTS became the first group along with the Beatles to chart three number ones in a single year. BTS’ success depicts the result of devotion towards one’s craft and hard work.

Here are some of the tweets by BTS Army:

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