NewsNationalWhat Army Chief MM Naravane said on recent clashes with Chinese Forces?

What Army Chief MM Naravane said on recent clashes with Chinese Forces?

Army Chief Manoj Mukund NaravaneArmy Chief Manoj Mukund Naravne in an interview with ANI said that, it is just a matter of chance that the face off between Indian & Chinese troops occurs at Sikkim and appearance of Chinese Chopper near LAC (Line of Control).

Actually on 9 May, several soldiers of India & China involved in a fist fighting with each other at Naku-La sector and on 5 May a Chinese helicopters seen near LAC.

Talking about the event Army Chief MM Barabar said, “Line of Actual Control isn’t very well defined. When patrols of both sides reach same place at the same time then such face-offs do occur. It is just a matter of chance that the face-offs in eastern Ladakh & Sikkim happened during the same period.”

He said, “These face-offs have no connection with any domestic or international situation prevailing today. These have been happening in the past and it has happened again now. We will deal with it as per protocol between two countries.”

Army Chief also talks about the Pakistan and the sudden surge in terrorists activity within the valley.

Army Chief said, “We were expecting after 6mnths of hiatus & not being able to garner any support internationally Pakistan would try to do some extra actions to try to draw attention back to Kashmir. We’re prepared to tackle any incident. We have strong counter infiltration & counter-terrorist grid”.

I would rather call it Terror Revival Front. It is another terrorist organisation by another name. This is a terrorist organisation supported by its proxies across the border. They’ll be dealt with appropriately: Army Chief on Pakistan calling terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba & Jaish-e-Mohammed “The Resistance Front”

General MM Naravne also talks about PM Narendra Modi Self Reliant vision, which he gave on yesterday speech.

We have always been working towards self-reliance. As far as the army is concerned more than 70-80% of our orders by numbers and cost have gone to Indian firms. We will continue to do so: Army Chief General MM Naravane.

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