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Armaan Malik to become India’s first Global Popstar

Armaan MalikThis is not the first time, Armaan Malik has done something like this to surprise his fans. Today evening he released the stripped version of his much popular single ‘Control’ which is also his first official English song by the way.

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Control which was released back in March of this year, received huge praise and appreciation from the viewers because of its approach. With that original song, Armaan has showed everyone that he is ready to fly international now.

The 25 years old Armaan Malik, is one of the very few from India, who had crossed the language barriers and stepped foot on the global stage independently. Fun fact, he had sung in 10 different languages till date. The stripped version is getting the same reaction from fans right now.

Armaan said that he only made this version for his fans, who were requesting it from months. In his video’s description he wrote “stripped it all down to the heart of the song, all emotion when you surrender and give up control to someone else in your life”.


Armaan’s popularity in India is unmatchable right now. Yes, there are several other singers who are much more famous them him but now as his fandom is growing stronger in the international market, he will soon become India’s first global popstar for sure.

And if anyone disagrees with that statement, then here’s some really interesting facts about him. At age 23, he becomes the youngest Indian singer to be a coach on the Indian version of The Voice. He is also the first Indian singer-songwriter to be featured on the Times Square Billboard in New York City for his English single ‘Control’. Currently he has been signed with Arista Records, which is an American Music record label.

In the Billboard article about Armaan Malik, Arista president and CEO David Massey said “He is an international superstar, and we look forward to introducing him to the U.S. and broadening his fan base here.”Armaan Malik

According to Armaan’s die heart fans, his humbleness, his interactions, his personality and his positive uplifting attitude will surely take him to distances. Many of them writes on the internet that, they feel inspired and motivated just by hearing him. If that’s not the traits of a global star, then what is!

Kumar Ujjal
Writer and Social Media manager of Infotonline.

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