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Are Betaal makers planning for season 2 ?

The Netflix Zombie Horror Series “Betaal” is scheduled to release on May 24 at 12:30 PM. Earlier the series was scheduled to release on midnight of 24 but the controversy of, Marathi makers claiming that the creators of Betaal have plagiarised the content has foreced Netflix to change the release time.

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Betaal is produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s RedChillies Entertainment, and is written and directed by Nikhil Mahajan and Patrick Graham. The total running time of the series is just 4 hours. When asked about are makers planning for Betaal Season 2, Patrick Graham said to Gadgets 360, ” “It could go on as a story, but right now, it was kind of intended as a single, encapsulated”

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The run time of Betaal is similar to that of a Bollywood movie, Patrick Graham is known for making series, with short running time. His previous Netflix series Ghoul starring Radhika Apte, also had a run time of approximately 2 hours 17 minutes. Ghoul was a series with three episodes, and Betaal consists of 4 episodes.

When asked about difference between Ghoul and Betaal he said, “We structured it as a series. We had different act structures with Betaal than we had with Ghoul. And I think that probably comes across in the sense that each episode is now [its own thing],” he said. “Episode two, for example, is kind of the spooky haunted house episode. And episode three is more of an action episode. So they each have their different flavour.”

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