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Amir Siddiqui starts #Amir Against Cyber Bullying after Carryminati roasts him

Amir Siddiqui

Tik Tok fame Amir Siddiqui has again come up with a new video, but this time it’s not about Tik ToK Vs YouTube, or anything against Carryminati. Amir Siddiqui plead to people to support him in the cause #AmiragainstCyberBullying.

Amir Siddiqui

The Amir Siddiqui controversy became big when he made a video targeting YouTube roasters like Carryminati. Carryminati (One of India’s biggest YouTuber) gave a befitting reply to him through his roasting video YouTube Vs Tik ToK The End. The video is liked by millennials so much that it broke numerous YouTube records. “YouTube Vs Tik ToK The End” is the most liked Indian video ever.

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People were expecting Amir Siddiqui will reply something but he came up with a good cause. Amir also clarified himself why he made a video on roasters he said, ” Few girls were being targeted by some small roasters. I wanted to take a stand for the girls if doing this is wrong than it’s ok”.

Amir clarified himself regarding Carryminati’s controversy he said, “Carryminati is a big influencer in India. I tagged him because I wanted him to reach those guys and make them understand to stop body shaming girls in the name of roast”.

Cyberbullying is growing concern in India. According to 2017-18 reports Cyberbullying of women and children in India has increased by 36%. According to reports, Indian children are the most cyberbullied children in the world. Around 9.2 % of 630 adolescents have experienced cyberbullying.



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