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AMCA Update: Roll Out in 2024 and First Flight in 2025, officially confirmed

AMCA will come in two variants, MK1 will induct into IAF service by 2031 and MK2 will by 2034.

AMCA First flight in 2025

AMCA First flight in 2025

In a recent webinar by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the timelines of Advance Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is revealed, the first prototype will roll out in 2024 and the First Flight is scheduled in 2025.

In the Webinar HAL cleared the confusion on variants of AMCA. The fifth generation aircraft will come in two variants, MK1 & MK2.

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If everything goes by plan, delivery of MK1 will start by 2031 and MK2 by 2034, where MK1 will come with a foreign engine most likely GE414 while MK2 will configured with an advance indigenous engine.

HAL Timeline for fighter jets
HAL released timelines for upcoming fighter jets

As already stated by Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria that AMCA MK2 will feature sixth generation characteristics.

This time HAL and Defence Research and Development Organisation came up with a different approach than LCA. HAL is already planning different variants while AMCA is still on paper.

This pre planning will help HAL and DRDO to develop new variants of AMCA in a very quick time which we have not seen in the case of Tejas, as Tejas MK2 is still on paper and will possibly enter into service by 2026.

Current Status of AMCA

Currently the Feasibility Studies is Completed and the Configuration has been frozen for AMCA and the Preliminary Design will complete by October 2020.

The Critical design Review will be complete by December 2021, in this phase the major sub systems will be tested and as the result the design will further refined.

The first prototype will roll out in 2024 and the first flight is scheduled in 2025. If everything goes as per plan then indigenous Fifth Generation Fighter Jet will possibly go in to manufacturing before 2030.

As IAF is showing trust in India’s own Fifth Generation Jet program, HAL & DRDO is very confident that this time they will meet timelines.

If this time DRDO & HAL will be able to meet their timelines than India will definitely become self sufficient in developing and manufacturing fighter jets by 2035.



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