NewsNationalAir India to operate 64 flights to rescue 14,800 Indians

Air India to operate 64 flights to rescue 14,800 Indians

Courtesy:- PTI

Air India to begin phase-wise evacuation of stranded Indians abroad this week, Government Sources confirm. First priority to senior citizens, medical emergencies & those with compelling reasons to return.

In a press briefing Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep singh puri confirms, 64 flights will be operated in the 1st week of operation to bring stranded Indians from different countries from May 7 to May 13.

Air India and its subsidiaries will conduct the Mission as usual.

India will evacuate people’s from 12 Nation this week which includes UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Singapore, United States, Philippines, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Malaysia, Kuwait and Oman.

Approximately 14,800 Indians will be evacuated through these 64 Air India flights within 7 days. Government will likely to run more repatriation flights after 12 May to bring more stranded Indian people’s.

The 64 flights include-UAE- 10 flights, Qatar- 2, Saudi Arabia- 5, UK- 7, Singapore- 5, United States-7, Philippines- 5, Bangladesh- 7, Bahrain – 2, Malaysia-7, Kuwait-5, and Oman-2.

Government will charge fixed rate for the journey. Rs 50,000 for London-Mumbai, similarly for London to Ahmedabad, London to Bengaluru and London to Delhi. For Chicago-Delhi-Hyderabad the rough cost will be about Rs 1 lakh.

Out of the 64 repatriation flights, 15 would be from Kerala, 11 each would be from Delhi and Tamil Nadu, seven each would be from Maharashtra and Telangana, and remaining flights would be from five other states, the officials said to PTI.

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