TechAfter iPhone 12, Xiaomi to ditch charger in Mi 11

After iPhone 12, Xiaomi to ditch charger in Mi 11

Mi 11 to come without charger

As per recent leaks, the Mi 11 which is scheduled to launch in China on 28th of December, will ditch charger in the retail box. The leaked image of Mi 11 box is as slim as the iPhone 12’s box and again the reason is same “saving the environment”.

They removed the earphones, now chargers. This is a good move by brands, persuading people to buy their expensive fast charger.

Mi 11 to ditch charger

It is also believed that the new Mi 11 series will support 120watt fast charging which we have already seen in their Anniversary Special Mi10 Ultra which was a China exclusive smartphone. The phone battery fills up completely within 25 minutes, which is crazy fast and just imagine for this feature you will have to pay extra and if you are not willing to pay, then stick to just 18W charging.

Trend of Charger Less Retail Box

Its October 13 when the new iPhone 12 series debuted with a slim box, which only has device.

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Apple said, decision to not provide any freebies as an environment friendly measure. No accessories inside boxes will allow Apple to provide thinner iPhone boxes and also reduce e-waste.

Other brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung made fun of this move. By tweeting that their phones come with a charger inside the box.

But we all know that whatever Apple does, other brands follow it in their upcoming smartphones.

Back in 2017 Apple removed headphone jacks, again other brands made fun of it and later on they too removed their headphone jacks.

The expected price of Mi 11 is 5200 Yuans which is almost ₹60k INR. For which you get a first phone to support a Snapdragon 888 chipsets, an amazing OLED 120Hz HDR10+ display, capable pair of camera, leathered texture back and 120 watt fast charging support without a charger in the box.

What we hope is that other brands don’t start adopting this new trend. Because charging is a basic necessity for a smartphone user.

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