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A surge in domestic violence cases, as lockdown extends

Domestic violence
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A surge in Domestic Violence during lockdown, as the abusers are locked inside their houses.

Domestic violence
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As said by Sandra Pupatello, The effects of abuse are devastating and far reaching. Domestic violence speaks many languages, has many colours and lives in many communities. Now not only the World needs to fight this deadly coronavirus, but also the rise in domestic violence cases. Their is a  surge in domestic violence for past few days. The Abusers are locked inside their home, without drugs and alcohol, they are taking out their frustration on their women. The victim has no place to escape and this is growing concern for the countries.

According to WHO report, overall 35% of women worldwide have experienced either physical or sexual violence, by their intimate and non- intimate partners. 30% that is about almost one-third of women population have experienced domestic violence, done by their intimate partners. Globally 38% of all murders of women are committed by their intimate partners.

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In India, The Women Commission has received 58 complaints of domestic abuse from March 22 to April 30. According to Indian Express source, the member of The Women Commission receive around 60-80 calls per week from the victims. Member of Women Commission Shahida Kamal said to Indian Express, “Most of the victims who have been forced to remain silent are from low-income families and they do not have much of an option now to lodge complaints. Once the lockdown is lifted, we are expecting an avalanche of complaints from women subjected to physical and mental abuse at home”.

Actors like Kalki Koechin, Richa Chadda, Amavya Dastur has come forward to raise awareness of Domestic violence and requested women to speak up, if anything such happens with them. According to India’s 2015-2016, National Family Survey one-third of women in India have experienced domestic violence, this is fairly a large number. But this lockdown has made the matter serious. Seeing this The National Commission for Women, the government statutory body concerned with policy matter affecting women  started a WhatsApp hotline for survivors. The survivors can lodge a complaint there or can email them.

But the biggest drawback is, only 43% of women in India have access to Internet as compared to 80% Men and most of the cases of domestic violence are from lower- income group, where women are dominated by their husbands. India needs to combat this virus, and make a domestic violence free India.



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