NewsNational3000 units of made in India ventilators distributed to hospitals

3000 units of made in India ventilators distributed to hospitals


The “Make In India” is finally being applied on ground level as 3000 unit of ventilators are distributed to hospitals across the country.

The Coronavirus tally in India is increasing with each passing day. With 3,44,527 positive cases and close to 10,000 deaths the virus is at its peak. At an average India is reporting 11000 cases per day which is growing concern for the people as well as the Government. With a humongous population and lack of health facility there are some big problems that the country is facing.

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Amid all this there is certainly something positive. Under “Make In India” initiative 3000 ventilators have been distributed among all the states. Ventilators are much needed equipment to save the lives of millions. Seeing the spike and population it is clear in the coming days the number of cases is sure to increase. Patients who are turning critical  are being given to ventilators. It becomes important for the hospitals to be well equipped with all the medication and medical equipments.

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A senior official said to ANI,So far 3000 ventilators have been distributed to states which will be placed under various hospitals, few are under dispatch“. In the coming days the domestic production of ventilators will speed up to cope with this virus.

30000 orders has been contracted with Bharat Electronics Limited in collaboration with Skanray, while 10000 Ventilators with AgVa in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki limited. Orders has been also placed in International Ventilators Production companies like Hamilton, Mindray, Draeger.

On June 16, US Ambassador to India Kenneth Juster handed over 100 Ventilators to help the country fight this major battle against Coronavirus. When the number of Coronavirus cases are increasing drastically, the health care unit is on the verge of getting collapsed. For boosting the healthcare infrastructure 50,000 Made In India Ventilators will be purchased from PM Cares Fund.

According to livemint, a study by the Centre for Disease, Economics and Plocy, a public health research organisation in April shows India lacked the number of ventilators seeing it’s population. Till April there were only 47,481 ventilators in public and private health care sector.

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